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Over the years the classical Mediterranean decor and style has inspired me. Whenever we travel to those countries I have always dreamt of squeezing everything I see into my already bulging suitcases. There is a market for expensive collector’s pieces, but the pieces that attract me most are the unusual. They are not necessary priceless heirlooms, but items that I want to live with, pieces that make my home feel cosy, comfortable and accommodating, creating a personal happy place.

France is one of the countries where the outdoor and informal living spaces speak to me. I simply love French decor from various periods. Everything from rustic rural chopping blocks and fireplaces, to the complexity of design with swaying floral motives of belle époque or simple dreamy florals, casual stripes in lovely cotton or linen, stained marble, wood or granite and the shades of faded blue, green or lavender shutters all resonate with my soul.

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